Increased Traffic To My Website Within Minutes!

I am ecstatic right now. My website traffic has increased dramatically by using this simple program. I stumbled upon a program called Blog2Social by accident. While searching for more places to post my blogs I came across this amazing program called Blog2Social. It has changed the way I share my articles.

Now I can Automatically share my posts and connect my blog to Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter, Google+ profiles, Google+ pages, Google+ groups. I can also Connect my WordPress to LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn pages, Xing profiles, Xing pages and Xing groups. Share my images on Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest. Re-publish on Tumblr, Medium, Torial and connect my blog to Reddit, Diigo, and Delicious.

I can schedule my post and blogs to be shared at optimal reading times. This has revolutionized the way i write content. I can now focus on one article without worrying about how an article will format with the different social media platforms.

Blog2Social has Increased the visibility of my social media posts. My social media community is engaging more with my posts since I tailored my social media posts according to the network specific preferences.

With Blog2Social custom sharing, I can easily customize my social media posts by editing my text message or adding individual comments, hashtags, and handles for each network.

Take a look at Blog2Social, it has helped me tremendously. Join my facebook page for more ways to increase traffic to your site.






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